Today I have been out teaching a friend how to use a DSLR, who has only ever had a point and shoot. My friend is a fast learner and you could see her getting excited as she realised the control she could have over the process of taking a photo and that there is so much more pleasure than just point and shoot, she really slowed down and took her time, thought about what she was doing. She was using the view-finder and prefered it. Taught her the basics of aperture and shutter speed. How to check the histogram. Was a very enjoyable couple of hours.

I have been thinking about my own photography recently. I have an urge to experiment and grow in what I can do. So I experimented a little in giving some of my photos a retro look, the washed out but contrasty colours that can make an image stick in the mind. A couple of the images I created are here. I am curious to know what people think.


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