First post

I decided that I would use a blog to promote my photography. I have sold some of my work and an important business magazine here in Switzerland has requested use of some of my work also, so it got me to wondering how I can sell some more.However, photography for me is not so much about making money as being able to express myself and give my view of the world. I find it very relaxing as well, because when you are looking first for the picture, then thinking about how you will frame the shot, then looking through the view-finder before pressing the shutter. The concentration is total and for a brief instant most of the world disappears as your vision is consumed by the image you want to create. In this age of instant digital gratification it is so easy to ‘snap’ away but the greater satisfaction comes from slowing down and really thinking about what you are doing.

I’m quite a philosophical guy and I watch very closely what happens in the world and so I will being writing some of my musings from time to time. Writing really does help define the thought process.

The above photo that I took of the stunning ceiling of the Vittorio Emmanuele Gallery in Milan works really wel in black and white. The sheer amount of architectural detail is incredible and that lofty glass and iron ceiling really has to be seen in the flesh to be appreciated.

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